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Challenge Response 168

Spinning the coin Each of the purple coins represents a third of a spin. Thus, the total number of turns was three turns and one third. Back to statement Challenge 167 The logic of the grid Challenge table of contents Next >> Challenge 169 Playing dice
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In details

Origin of the probabilities

The decisive step for the theoretical foundation of statistical inference is associated with the development of probability calculations. The origin of this usually is attributed to questions posed to Pascal (1623-1662) by the famous knight Méré, for some authors an inveterate gambler, for others a philosopher and man of letters.
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Mathematical novel

Give me silence ... For me to say that our novel is like an equation In which I stand insistently; Finding out the value of your unknown. Give me silence ... For me to tear down all the axioms; That insist on saying that our love is impossible. Give me silence ... For me to say that you are the pivot of my staggered matrix; That every virtue I find in you is a determinant of our relationship.
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Beamed Equations

Note the equations: x 4 - 13x 2 + 36 = 0 9x 4 - 13x 2 + 4 = 0 x 4 - 5x 2 + 6 = 0 Note that the first members are 4th degree polynomials in variable x, having a term in x 4, a term at x 2 and a constant term. The second members are null. We call these equations equations square.
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Challenge 86

The Big Family Difficulty Level: In a family there are three mothers, three daughters, two grandparents, two granddaughters, a great-grandmother, and a great-granddaughter. How many people make up this family? Challenge 85 Saint Anthony miracle worker Challenge index Next >> Challenge 87 How old was Claudiomiro?
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